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“Well, I go to school, dance then home and that’s about it.” That was Brenna’s answer to me about her Senior year, but I knew there was so much more to this soft spoken girl and she certainly didn’t disappoint.  I soon learned of her love of all things related to the Royal Ballet, her motivation to learn Russian in hopes to visit Russia and see the Bolshoi Ballet. I knew this was no ordinary girl. Brenna is lucky to have a mom like Carolyn took time to help Brenna prepare everything she needed. So, it was no surprise that on the day of Brenna’s session, they came prepared and you couldn’t help but feel the lovely bond between this mother and daughter. Watching them interact and the humor they share (I do love me some dry humor) was inspiring to me as a parent. This Spring date was certainly perfect along with one of the most amazing night skies I had seen and all for this graceful dancer to take her stage. From clicking of her heels to our giggles over “Taco Tuesday”, we had the best time capturing the beautiful person Brenna is inside and out. My hope is that Brenna will one day look back at her senior portraits and remember that she embodies her favorite quote, “Take your work seriously, but never yourself.”.   Oh, it was a hoot meeting Dad too! Brenna is the perfect blend of her amazing parents;  sharp, witty, funny, and a girl that doesn’t follow but leads by example.

Brenna, I’m so glad you carry with you the CYW Senior Portrait Experience which not only opened your eyes to seeing how much fun it can be in front of the camera but how absolutely amazing you are as a person. My wish for you and all my high school senior is that you remember this moment in which you step forward as an adult. Take with you this sense of pride and accomplishment to move yourself and meet your next goals!

San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Senior Portraits CYW Photography-4578

Q: What are your top 3 goals you set for yourself and 3 things you hope holds steady as time passes?

A: Top goals: 1) Live a minimalistic lifestyle, 2) Speak Russian and French and 3) Continue teaching ballet. 3 things I take pride in and will always; 1) My humor, 2) Love of learning and 3) My carefree personality.


San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Senior Portraits CYW Photography-4555-2San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Senior Portraits CYW Photography-4555

Q: What did you learn from your CYW Photography Senior Portrait Senior Experience?

A: I was much more comfortable at the shoot that I expected. It’s not so structured and tailored to me. I also learn that I have more clothes than I thought! LOL

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Q: If you could do anything over again in life, what would it be and how would you approach it now?

A: I would redo my Middle School years and this time, get my homework done instead of listening and being influenced by peers on what was “cool”. I learned the hard way that slacking on my school work doesn’t pay.

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San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Senior Portraits CYW Photography-4665San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Senior Portraits CYW Photography-4651

Q: What’s something you naturally excel at and something you may struggle with?

A: I would say I excel at teaching and being observant. I struggle at times to maintain positive in hard situations.

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Q: What would constitute as a “perfect day” for you?

A: Watching a lot of ballet on YouTube, particularly the Royal Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet!

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Q: What was the last book you read and enjoyed?

A: “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie

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Q: What is the best compliment you have received thus far?

A: Someone said to me in person that they would genuinely miss me when I’m in college.


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