Michelle | Los Gatos High School | Silicon Valley Bay Area Senior Portraits

It is always an honor when a parent trust me to work with their child who has never experienced being professionally photographed and even shies from the camera. Some photographers may find this a challenge but I find it a gift. If this National Merits honoree was going to trust me to provided her with an experience that ultimately lead to positive outlook of her self image, I wasn’t going to take it lightly. You see, for me, portrait photography is so much more than taking pictures of people, it’s an opportunity to honor the story that is unique to each individual.

Besides, how can you not love a family that serves tea and snacks on your initial meeting! Michelle is the youngest and mom wasn’t about to miss this last opportunity to capture her beautiful daughter who also happens  to be a national merits honored student at Los Gatos High School and bio/pre-med student in college. Mom wanted senior portraits that captures Michelle’s natural beauty and femininity while Michelle wanted portraits that captured her love of reading, her small obsession with Baymax and just being her quirky self . Write in Comments below and let us know which side of Michelle you enjoy and maybe can even relate too!

Professional Makeup & Hair by Nora of Nora Artistry


Q: How do you define confidence?

A: Knowing what are talking about as it shows in your manner and aura


Q: If your best friend had to list your top traits, what would they be?

A: 1) Good humor 2) Loudness 3) Smarts/Intelligence


Q: What made you grow out your hair and why would you cut it now?

A: I wanted to play around with long hair but had no idea how much I would actually be spending on products for it! I’m considering donating my hair for causes such as “Locks of Love”.

san-jose-san-francisco-senior-portraits-cyw-photography-4Q: What goals do you have for yourself at UCLA?

A: Join more clubs than I did in high school and take enough classes so I can figure out if I really want to go into pre-med. Above all else, I hope to gain more confidence, friends and decide what I want to do with my life. Maybe even minor in Art!


Q: If money was no object, what would you want?

A: Buy a mansion and fill it with big dogs!


Q: What is a reliever of stress for you?

A: Art has always been great for me. I love working with digital art and landscape oil painting.


Q: As a lover of fantasy novels, which book would you love to live out if you could?

A: “Seven Realms” because in that world has different rules and laws plus it’s  world full of magic!


With a passion for the art of personal senior portraits and a heart for capturing the beauty, charm and strength of individuals, I’ve made it my goal to provide families with tangible memories and an an exceptional experience that will last a lifetime. Such milestones are the perfect reason to seek out a professional photographer. Being able to capture and preserve this special milestone is priceless.  CYW Photography focuses on portraiture and lifestyle imagery and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. If  you are in the area or are planning on visiting, I’d love to hear from you and discuss of all the beautiful spots and ideas that best capture your story!  In addition, I also shoot worldwide for various projects.  Follow me on Facebook where I often post about recent or upcoming photo shoots.  Catch me on Instagram and Snapchat (cyw_photography) where you can see sneak peeks of my most recent photography projects and if you love Twitter you can find me there as well. You can also see where I get most of my style inspiration by following me on Pinterest.  Whatever your needs are for professional photography, I am confident in my ability to provide you with professional results paired with personal service to customized to your needs. Send me a message and let me know how I can help you.

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