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Testimonial Header Image  bobbi-5214“My experience of being photographed by Christine of CYW Photography is one that I will never forget. I have never had so much fun getting my picture taken. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful that it was totally natural to smile for her. We had so many laughs and I genuinely enjoyed being out there. She is a photographic genius. She picks amazing locations that perfectly fit the outfits that you are wearing. She even chose a location that was near and dear to my heart and it made the shoot and photos all the more memorable. She knows exactly what pose looks best and does wonders with the lighting. She gets so excited about your outfits, makeup and shots. She literally was as excited as my mom about my pictures which is hard to be. She has such a great personality and her enthusiasm is contagious. The best part of being photographed by Christine is she makes you feel so beautiful. I now have pictures what I will cherish forever! I will never forget the amazing experience she gave me! I got to be a model for a day and it was so much fun!” In fact, I enjoyed the experience so much that I took on modeling afterward! Thank you, Christine! And to think, it all started with you!” – Bobbi

”I highly recommend Christine Wilcox of CYW Photography. We hired Christine to take Senior Portraits of our daughter and we couldn’t be happier with the photos! From the moment I met her, I knew we chose the right person to work with our daughter. She is not only an expert in her field of senior photography, but she is one of the kindest and funniest persons I’ve had the pleasure of “working” with. If you are looking for unique photos that capture the essence and individuality of your senior then Christine is the photographer for you. Christine goes over every detail with you and your senior before the shoot, she even helps you choose clothing and accessories, and schedules hair & makeup to provide a full complete package that will leave your senior feeling like a supermodel! The hardest part is choosing which images to print!” – Laura (Bobbi’s Mom)

brianna-9834 copy“Photographing with Christine of CYW Photography was one of the most memorable experiences for me during my senior year. I was nervous for my photo shoot at first but she just has a way of putting everyone at ease and making the shoot feel more like just hanging out with a friend! Christine is a genius behind the camera and I really have never seen better senior photography than hers. Christine knows how to make a senior’s personality shine through her pictures, whether it’s the glittering eyes or the gorgeous smiles. The entire day feels so relaxing and truly is so enjoyable! Christine’s talent shines through and speaks for itself in her phenomenal work. I’d do it again anytime and would highly recommend CYW Photography in a heartbeat!” – Brianna

“Christine, working with you was an amazing experience from start to finish. Thank you so much for capturing some beautiful pictures of my daughter. From the planning, personal meetings, the shoot and the final presentation, everything was top notch. When Christine photographs you, you better believe she is capturing the real you, because she takes the time and heart to really get to know her seniors. We even sprung a new location on her that we wanted to use and she took on the challenge of producing the same stunning results at a place she’s never photographed at before. Her work is nothing short of breath taking. She even gave us a professional makeup and hair stylist, which made my daughter look even more stunning, and made this experience all the more awesome and fun for the both of us. Being able to atttend the shoot with my daughter practically brought me to tears because I really got to take a step back and see how my little girl has grown. The entire experience was just fantastic. If you are at all looking for senior portraits for your child, I highly recommend the experience and results of CYW Photography. These are the photos my entire family will treasure forever. ” – Amy (Brianna’s Mom)

jamee-1620“Christine I can’t thank you enough for the amazing day I had with you on our shoot! I can’t get over how beautiful your photography is. Not to mention, the freaking work you put into each of your seniors – all that you do before AND after the shoot! Girl, you gots some jokes too, your happiness and laughter is contagious! Thank you for going with my suggested location even though I know it wasn’t convenient and making this shoot truly customized to me! You definitely captured my style and personality and I’m more than blessed to have had this experience with you to share with my family and friends before my senior year is over and I’m off to college – Love ya so much!” – Jamee

“Thank you soooo much Christine, for one of the most awesome days ever with my daughter!!! I knew I would love your work, but I’m blown away by the attention we received even well before the session. Coming to our home and meeting with us and helping solidify all the outfits Jamee picked out was the greatest. Gina, our makeup and hair artist was fantastic in listening and working to make Jamee the best version of herself. And I don’t have to tell you just how awesome a photographer you are – simply “GENIUS””! Seeing first hand how you interact with your seniors and everyone around you, I see just why this experience with CYW Photography is so genuine. It’s no wonder you become friends with every family you work with! I am s0 glad we are now amongst them! The Senior Experience at CYW Photography s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you simply have to experience for yourself to believe.” – Edyll (Jamee’s Mom)

levent-7044”Working with Christine was such a fun experience! She literally made me feel and look like a model. I thought I would never take photos like this, but I am so so glad I did. Christine of CYW Photography made me feel comfortable and helped give me direction to look my best in ways I would have never thought to pose. I am extremely happy that I took these photos despite not being certain if such senior photos were for boys . My photos turned out better than I could have thought possible and best of all it was really fun taking them. And now I’ll forever have these amazing photos of me from this time outside of just a bunch of iPhotos. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I recommend anyone who’s hesitant of getting serious senior portraits to simply contact CYW Photography because you won’t regret it!” – Levent

“Choosing Christine to take our son’s Senior portraits was the best decision we ever made.  What we loved about Christine is that she took the time to really get to know him, everything from his favorite music, sports, hobbies, and even fashion style. She incorporated all of his likes and interests into his photo shoot, even his car. Christine made him feel like a Rock Star! The result-we have are beautiful photos of our handsome son that will remain on our walls for years to come.  Christine captured his infectious high school spirit.” – Christine (Levent’s Mom)

DSC_7984“CYW Photography was a perfect way to highlight my senior year. I expected nice, quality photos (and was more than impressed by the results) but I didn’t expect Christine to spend so much time with me and my family to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. She went out of her way and overtime to provide us with the best possible results, and it really paid off. I’ve never had nicer portraits taken of me. Thank you, Christine for this incredible senior experience and I’m so glad I did this before the end of my senior year!” – Heather

“Christine of CYW Photography is an amazing photographer! Our first child was graduating high school and we knew we wanted to have professional senior photos taken of her before she left the nest. We couldn’t be any happier that we went with CYW Photography. Right from the be-ginning, Christine informs you off the entire process from getting ready for the photo shoot, all the way to the final delivery. She met with us before to explain what to do to prepare for the shoot. She clearly is very experienced and even worked with our chosen shoot location. She took the time to study the location ahead of time, so she had all the lighting and shots in mind. Throughout our daughter’s entire shoot, she made sure she was relaxed and having a great time. I know it’s not always easy to just open up with someone especially when they’re photographing you, but Christine just puts all your nerves at ease and she even took photos of me and my daughter that I will forever treasure. When it came to viewing the final photos, CYW Photography brought everything to us including refreshments for both the adults and kids! I was so fun to looked through all of the beautiful shots and relieve a really fun day together. Again, going above and beyond Christine again took extra time to help us choose and develop a pack-age that was perfect for us and our needs. She truly cares about her clients and wants to bring happiness and satisfaction to her clients through her beautiful photography and expertise. I am truly thankful for these portraits that will last our lifetime! “ – Denise (Heather’s Mom)

“From start to finish, working with Christine has been a joy. She made me feel so special and really worked with me to learn all she could about me to make my photoshoot as individual anDSC_9597d unique as I am! Her vision is truly amazing, and really puts 100% of herself into every senior she shoots. Her work is truly beautiful and I am so happy I can have my senior memories preserved in such an artistic way, thanks to CYW Photography. She helps you feel comfortable and makes it easy for anyone to feel like a model! I highly recommend her talented work for those looking for truly high quality photos as well as an excellent experience!” – Marissa

“As we come to the end of Marissa’s senior year, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping make it a memorable year – literally. The pictures you took and the book we received will be treasured mementos that we will enjoy looking through for years. Karen, Marissa and I cannot recommend CYW Photography highly enough and wish you continued success with your business. Your level of personal involvement and support (from wardrobe and makeup selection to shoot locations) made Marissa feel like a star and her level of fun and excitement certainly came through in the pictures. Finally, we really appreciated your open fee structure, the lack of sales pressure and the quality of the end product. The feeling is certainly shared among Marissa’s friends who used your service this year as well. We will certainly continue to recommend CYW Photography going forward.” – Louis & Karen (Marissa’s Parents)

alexis_8922“Taking photos with Christine of CYW Photography was an experience I won’t ever forget. Not only were the photos absolutely gorgeous, but the act of taking the photos was an adventure in itself. Christine didn’t just take photos. She first got to know me and who I was, and that showed in the photos she took. They weren’t superficial portraits. Instead they really illuminated who I am as a person. She listened to me and what I wanted and let my true personality shine through in the photos she captured. She was fun, excited, and a complete joy to work with. The end result were photos that I will be proud to show my children one day. I’ll never forget this experience. Who thought taking photos could be so much fun?! “ – Alexis

“Working with Christine of CYW Photography on the photo shoot for my daughter was such a joy. I knew the pictures she took would be amazing but, I was completely blown away by their quality and authenticity. Christine had a way of capturing the true beauty of my daughter—that which I see in those private moments when she smiles bright enough to light the world or she fills the room with her laughter because she knows no one else is watching—in photos that I will treasure for a lifetime. Christine is a truly amazing photographer and I will be eternally grateful that we engaged her services at CYW Photography.” – Cheryl (Alexis’s Mom)


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