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Sometimes, great things come in teenie packages. So, is it a surprise when I met Teenie and her mom, that I should be blown away by this super well rounded high school senior and the super mom behind her? On top of it all, they have the best sense of humor! I guess one may say you need that when you have a house of 4 children (all girls!).  Their vibrant personalities were such an inspiration behind this shoot. I can’t remember another time where I laughed and giggled as much as my clients did. So, it’s not hard to see how much joy we each received and that my friends, is priceless.

Teenie, the youngest of multiple siblings  is a kid every parent hopes their child will grow to be; outgoing, kind, thoughtful, smart, determined and humble.  She was in music theater, was also the school year book editor, homecoming queen and national honor student. Most of these I learned from mom because as I mentioned, she’s incredibly humble. Capturing her contagious smile was of no object, but what I also hope to have captured is this calm and amazing awareness this girl has, that seems almost beyond her years. Thank you Teenie and Michelle for a fantastic afternoon. Mom’s tears of joy when seeing the portraits says it all.

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bay area senior portraits

Q: Aside from your family, who might be another person that heavily defined or mold the person you are today?

A: My dance teacher, Marie Stinnett because of her strict coaching (stern yet loving), it taught me to be a good planner – detail oriented, yet keeping a clear sight on the end goal.

bay area senior portraits

Q: What advice can you share with other teens going through high school?

A: Don’t let “fitting in” be your motivator in school and keep a good work ethic. Don’t let the little things get you down. It’s all temporary and those who are your true friends will always be your friends.

bay area senior portraits

Q: If you could do anything over again in high school, what would it be?

A: I would be more outgoing, try new things and reach out more to others.

bay area senior portraits

Q: How would you define “beauty”?

A: Living without fear to be who you are.

bay area senior portraits

Together let’s tell your story. Your high school senior portraits should be so much more than just another generic snapshot for the yearbook. If senior portraits are important enough for you to want them then let’s make the most of it. I am here to personalize your photo shoot to you from beginning to end. From tailoring a shoot around your ideas and story to creating artwork that will be treasure for years to come, this is a senior year experience unlike any other. You will NOT be herded in as another number and we come to you and work around your busy schedule. On top of it all, we have no minimum orders and no limited on poses. You’re nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to hear your story. Contact me and I will  be happy to send you our beautiful Senior Magazine detailing the incredible portrait experience that awaits you.

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