The Senior Experience


CYW Photography specializes in providing a once-in-a-lifetime senior portrait experience that not only creates portraits that will exceed your expectations, but does it in an utterly positive and unforgettable way that combines technical excellence with personal services that’s second to none. CYW is a full service photography company that believes as much in producing photography as an art as we do helping you make the most of this art.

You may ask. “how is this done”?  First, my goal is to capture the beauty, grace, strength and spirit that is individual to each client. I am a true believer no two persons are the same and that’s a beautiful thing. By spending quality time getting to know who you are and the nuances in of your life, I will then create a photo shoot that captures all these facets of  your personality. In fact,  included with your session is an in-person wardrobe & styling consultation that will help you pull together the perfect outfits. From there, we will then build together your dream photo shoot at a location that highlights all the above.

On the day of your shoot, be ready to be pampered and have the time of your life because it’s about looking your best and more importantly, FEELING your best. Starting with professional airbrush makeup and hair styling with our certified professional makeup and hair artists, who travel to your home, saving you time and stress. You will be treated to a top model experience as your dedicated makeup and hair artist will also be on hand at your photo shoot for touch ups and styling of various looks to match your outfit changes! It’s about keeping your natural beauty looking flawless in front of the camera so your personality can truly shine through. Our 3-hour shoot together is pure bliss with guided direction and loads of laughter! Best part of all, you get to experience this with one of your favorite people, your parent!  I promise you both this unbelievable experience will carry with you both forever (figuratively and literally). There are truly very few things in life you can say that about.  This will be one of the most memorable experiences in your senior year because it’s a gift that embraces who you are, reminds you of everything that is important to you at this period in your life and elevates the way you see yourself. This is a gift that expands way beyond the value of a photograph, it inspires and ignites a spark in each senior we’ve worked with because we take the time to recognize your beauty within and in turn, help you to do the same.

And when you think it couldn’t get any better, after your session, I will again come to you so you can touch and feel everything from custom design announcement cards to albums, to an app for your phone to share your images (from anywhere at anytime) to heirloom-styled works of art, we have an extensive variety of mediums to enjoy your portraits for years to come. After all, I understand you have hired an experienced professional and company to provide you a one-of-a-kind portrait session that you will cherish for a lifetime. An investment that will be enjoyed for generations.  Thus, on the evening of your preview and order session, we invite you and everyone whom you wishes to see the results of your amazing photoshoot experience to do so from the comfort of our home. It’s a spectacular evening of seeing all the work that’s gone into creating your gorgeous images along with all the beautiful ways in which you can treasure them.  Some of which will even be custom designed just for you!

In order to book your one of a kind CYW Photography Senior Portrait Experience, please contact me through our contact form below. By contacting me for your session, you will receive our beautiful 42+ page Senior Magazine complete with extensive details of the CYW Experience. The magazine includes pricing, articles on makeup, hair and styling, frequently asked questions, and the CYW timeline. It is the best way to educate yourself on the experience.

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